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Why Bison?

Bison is a lean, nutrient dense red meat. It is low in fat, calories and cholesterol and high in protein, iron and selenium. It is also non-allergenic which makes it easier to digest.
Our bison is locally grown, provincial government inspected and no growth hormones are used on the animals. Their diet consists of grass, hay, grain as well as necessary salt and minerals. The majority of their food is grown on our farm.

But the best reason to choose bison? It tastes great. It is not gamey as people may expect. It is similar to beef with a richer, sweeter taste. Bison is a very versitile meat. It can be used in place of other red meats in your favourite recipes. And, because it is lower in fat and high in protein it is more filling than other meats. However, you may want to eat more because it tastes so good!

Interested in raising bison? Bison are relatively low maintenance. They must be treated with respect and are handled much less frequently than other livestock. Bison are native to the prairies so they spend all of their lives outdoors, even in the cold and blizzards! They truly are Canadian! Contact us for more information. 


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